VALOROUX 3Ply Disposable Face Masks (US)



Typical Canada/US
Test ASTM F2100
Equivalent to Level 1 
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, % ≥95
Differential Pressure mm H2O/cm2 (Pa/cm2) <5.0
Submicron particulate filtration efficiency at 0.1 micron, % ≥95
Splash Resistance/Synthetic Blood Resistance, mmHg 80
Flame Spread Class 1
Microbial Cleanliness (cfu/g) N/A


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Equivalent to Level 1

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How to wear a mask

A mask can provide the protection if it is worn properly.

This means there should be no gap along the edges of the mask between the face and the mask and that the mask should cover from the bridge of the nose to the jawline/chin. It is vital that the mask covers not only the mouth but also the nose. To guarantee adequate coverage of the nose, masks should not be worn below or at the tip of the nose.

Face Fit Loose-fitting
Intended use For use as a source control by the public to help prevent the spread of infection or illness
Filtration Efficiency Degree of protection equivalent to ASTM Level 1
Air Leakage At the edges/sides of mask when user inhales
Tests and Approvals Testing done at Health Canada approved Lab, Medical Device licence

Health Canada Certificate